The Gardenarium
Cova Santa IBIZA

Hidden in the hills there is a garden of imagination that is open to everyone.

A place with no borders, no limits - just endless possibilities!

Where the fountains get you tipsy, the flowers come to life, candy floss tastes of cheese and nothing is quite as it seems.

From the beat of the drums, to the vibrations of the bass, in an explosion of art, music and wonder, cultivate your imagination, tickle your senses, and dance until sunrise.

Flirt with creation, taste the craziest hallucinations and surrender yourself to the hedonistic good vibes.

Kick off your shoes and come and play!

Music by

  • Coming soon...

What else

  • The Gardenarium Market
  • A Midnight Feast of the Senses
  • Shotgun Carousel
  • Imagination Life drawing
  • In your dreams make up masks
  • Suco Sessions
  • The Imagination Concierge
  • Cocktail fountains
  • Food trucks
  • 3 stages · 13 hours non-stop · DJ’s & Live Music · Food & Cocktails · Art & Performance · Gatherings & Celebrations · Dance all night long

When & Where

    Cova Santa IBIZA
  • liM-803, KM 7, 07817 Ibiza
  • Balearic Islands
  • Open doors 5:00pm
  • Terrace closing 12:00pm
  • Closing 5:00am
  • Drinks & Food all along the event

Please enjoy responsibly